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This conversion is similar to the MPV or CAMPER, but designed to accommodate a couple of surfboards or bikes, safely out of sight inide the van, whilst still having all the basic facilities of a camper, seating 4-6, and sleeping 2-4 with a high top or elevating roof. Cooking and washing facilities depend on how much room is required for surfboards, or bikes, or even kayaks.

Short Wheel Base Versions - SWB

Layout of Surf/Bike
B = Boot
BS = Bench Seat/Double Bed
S = Storage
SW = Swivel Cab Seat
T = Table Position
---- = Extent of Double Bed

Sitting & Sleeping
Besides the cab seats, the bench seat folds to form a bed, the width of which depends on how much room is needed in the surfboard/bike compartment down the driver's side of the van.
Cooking & Washing
There is a hob and water provision. This may be fairly basic, or may be more elaborate depending on the space available, depending on the size of the van and the amount of space needed for boards or other items. Hot water provision may be possible, as may an outside shower for hosing down, and blown air heating is usually possible. (All extras.) A small fridge is available if room allows (an extra). A Porta Potti (extra) can be stored under the seat/bed.
The cab passenger seat can swivel (extra) to give a third seat facing the bench seat across a removable island table.

Upgrade 1

High top / Elevating roof with extra bed.

The high top roof is fully panelled, triple insulated, and with optional windows and roof vent (extras).

A slimline elevating roof is also available with canvas sides, and a flyscreened window (keeps vehicle under 2m). With either type of roof a pull-forward base extends the roof bed to 6'.
Upgrade 2

Long Wheel Base Versions.

A long wheelbase van will allow for longer boards or room for a built-in fridge or more seating, perhaps.
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