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About us

Wentworth Motorcaravans developed from a part-time operation by owner Glenn Mealing whilst he was a college lecturer but keen runner and camper. Having had a number of campers and learning to create his own designs along the way, he found admirers wanting him to do conversions for them. This led to him leaving lecturing and creating the company in 1988. After a successful first year, the recession in 1989 saw many companies disappear, but Wentworth soldiered on and continued to today, and another recession! During these years we have established an enviable reputation for quality, designs that work, attention to detail, value for money, and helpful after-sales service. We look after our customers so they come back to us and also recommend us. We get many orders that way. Every Wentworth conversion out there on the road or parked up is an advert for us, so we only want good publicity.

Base vans

Not everone can afford a brand new motorcaravan, and there are ways of getting what you want for less, without compromising on quality. We convert previously owned vans as well as brand new ones. Prices drop rapidly once out of the showroom, and depreciation is much less on motorcaravans than commercial vans, so turning a used van into a camper is a good move financially. However, the market value (and insurance value) is determined almost entirely by the age etc of the base vehicle, not the conversion. The most financially sensible option is to buy a second hand van up to a couple of years old, and spend less on converting it than what you paid for the van.


Well over half the cost of a conversion is labour rather than materials. If you are a handy DIYer and can afford the time, you could do much of the work yourself. We can advise here (within reason!) and probably supply items economically. Be warned, it will take many more hours than you think, you may make mistakes, have to adjust things on the way, but there is a certain satisfaction of achievement at the end result (hopefully!).

We can do windows, roofs, electrics, seats, beds, cushions, curtains, and furniture units and fittings. We also do repairs, refurbishment, additions and upgrades. And we are always ready to give advice and help. Remember, we are campers ourselves, and have built up a wealth of experience over the years.


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