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This is the traditional VW layout with furniture down the offside, with a bench seat that converts to a double bed. In swb form this is basically a 2 berth camper, or 4 berth with a high top or elevating roof (extra upgrade). There are belted seats for 4/5 including cab seats, plus two more in a long wheelbase van, which also allows for an extra child's bed and even a shower.

Short Wheel Base Versions - SWB

Layout of Camper
B = Boot
BS = Bench Seat/Double Bed
C = Cupboard
F = Fridge
SW = Swivel Cab Seat
T = Table Position
W = Wardrobe
---- = Extent of Double Bed

SWB Versions

Sitting & Sleeping
The swb version has cab seats with swivel bases, and there is an optional removable box seat available. Lwb versions can have two box seats which can form a transverse child's bed - a small Porta Potti will fit in either. Additional storage is available in an overhead rear locker, and in the wardrobe.

A transverse bench seat extends to form the double bed that is over 6ft long and 4ft wide (narrowing at the feet end by 3 inches). The seat has two three point inertia belts with the option of a centre lap belt. A children's roof bed is also available with a hightop or elevating roof.

Cooking & Washing
There is a combination sink/cooker unit (double burner hob with grill and pan) that also houses the fridge, cutlery drawer, and storage cabinet. Everything is within easy reach of the centre of the van. There is the option of a Porta-Potti, and in the lwb version an optional shower is also available.

The cab seats swivel (the driver's at an angle) to face the bench seat across the island table. As well as a main table, a sink cover doubles as a second table that can also be set up outside. There is also the option of a table between the cab seats.


Upgrade 1

High top / Elevating roof with extra bed.

The high top roof is fully panelled, triple insulated, and with optional windows and roof vent (extras).

A slimline elevating roof is also available with canvas sides, and a flyscreened window (keeps vehicle under 2m). With either type of roof a pull-forward base extends the roof bed to 6'.

Upgrade 2

Long Wheelbase Versions

Two additional box seats/belts are provided (instead of cab seat swivels) behind the cab seats that convert to a transverse child's bed. They can easily be removed and set up outside (as can a table). This layout also allows for a shower (extra) behind the driver's seat.

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