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If it's good enough for Time Team...   Time Team Picture

Time Team archaeologist Professor Mick Aston with his Wentworth RV motorhome, a home from home when off to his digs. He bought it with the proceeds of his book "Archaeology is Rubbish" co-written with Tony Robinson. The TV companies are very careful to avoid product placement, but you might just spot his motorhome in one of the many Time Team documentaries on Channel 4 and Discovery Channels.

Wentworth for a better choice...

Choice of price...

You choose how much you want to pay for your motorhome. You may want a brand new vehicle, or a previously owned van converted. You can obtain the base vehicle or we can supply it complete with warranty for your peace of mind.

Choice of design...

We offer four well tried and tested types of motorhome layout and conversion. They are the MPV, SURF/BIKE, CAMPER, AND RV. We are very flexible and will build to customers' special requirements, do part conversions, alterations and repairs. As long as it is feasible, we will consider any layout.

Choice of base vehicle...

We can convert most vans although high tops or elevating roofs are not available for all models. Most are available in short or long wheelbase form, and have a selection of engines to choose from.

The Volkswagen Transporter has been a very popular base vehicle for motorhomes for many years. It is arguably the most car-like to drive, and these quality vehicles hold their value well.

Whatever the base vehicle...

there is only one choice when it comes to high standards of design, materials, workmanship and finish. Our reputation rests on each Wentworth motorhome out there on the road or parked somewhere for all to see. The choice is WENTWORTH.


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